Questions answered by our patients:

  1. Please describe your experience with Retina Research Center during your trial participation.
    • Why did you choose to participate in a clinical trial?
    • What were the advantages of clinical trial participation?
    • Were there any disadvantages to participation? If so, please elaborate.
    • Overall, would you say your experience was positive or negative?
  2. Would you participate in another trial with Retina Research Center?
  3. Can you please address the stigma of “guinea pig” in relation to your experience with clinical trial participation?
  4. Can you please comment on the staff & doctors at Retina Research Center?
  5. Any other comments you would like to add?

Eduardo Cruz Rodriguez

Diabetic Macular Edema

  1. Please describe:
    • Due to my medical condition, I needed help with my vision
    • I feel my vision has greatly improved
    • No disadvantages
    • Very positive
  2. Yes
  3. No because I feel I am getting good care
  4. Good doctors and staff

Charles Davis

Wet Macular Degeneration

  1. Please describe:
    • I feel it is a great opportunity for myself and also to help future people as well
    •  The chance to slow/stop the progression of my eye disease
    • NO!
    • Very positive
  2. Yes
  3. I do not feel like a guinea pig as I am receiving great quality care
  4. Great atmosphere, great & caring physicians and staff
  5. A pleasant experience at each visit.

Marian Hawkins

Wet Macular Degeneration

  1. Please describe:
    • Chose to participate in a clinical trial to attempt to save my eyesight. 
    • I have the opportunity to receive quality eye exams for both eyes and be treated with the latest technology
    • Disadvantages – None!
    • Overall experience: Positive
  2. YES!
  3. I do not really feel like a guinea pig because I feel as though I am contributing to saving my vision and contributing to science and research for others.
  4. Excellent and caring physicians and staff.
  5. I am very pleased with the attention and care received during my trial participation.

David Dial

Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion

  1. Please describe:
    • I chose to participate in a clinical trial because I was diagnosed with BRVO and needed to be treated.  At that time, I was given an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial.  I had never been a patient in a clinical trial, but felt this was my opportunity to help future patients with a similar diagnosis.  
    • By participating in the trial, I would receive the proper treatment for my BRVO.  I would receive the existing drug which had been administered for BRVO for several years or a new drug which had shown positive results for similar eye problems.  In addition, I felt I was participating in medical science throughout the trial. 
    • The disadvantage to participation was the need to be driven to the research center every four weeks for a two to four-hour study.  Since my eyes were dilated, I could not drive.  There was also a commitment to keep each of the seventeen appointments. 
    • Overall, the experience was definitely positive.  My BRVO has been corrected, and I am very thankful for regaining my eyesight.  Hopefully, I have answered a higher calling to help future patients with similar eye problems. 
  2. If the occasion should arise where I would be invited to participate in another trial with RRC, I would definitely give the opportunity serious consideration. I would need to consider my ability to attend each of the scheduled appointments. 
  3. I never felt I was ‘’guinea pig” for participating in the clinical trial.  I seriously felt I was contributing to medical science and perhaps helping others who might have similar eye problems. 
  4. The staff and doctors at Retina Research Center have been exceptionally professional throughout the clinical trial.  I cannot imagine a more caring group of professionals. 

Larry Pope

Wet Macular Degeneration

  1. Please describe:
    • Expense was the main reason for seeking inclusion. Macular degeneration treatment is very expensive.
    • Participation has been a true blessing in my life. They even pick me up and take me home by Limo.
    •  Disadvantages – None I can think of
    • Very positive
  2.  In a heartbeat.
  3. We all strive for a win win scenario when we can. I am happy that my participation helps others as well. YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT.
  4. In my own sojourn with macular degeneration I have been treated by three different practices.  Retina Research Center is the creme of the crop period. Dr. Berger is amazingly skilled and surrounds himself with outstanding people.  Valerie,  Yong and Ivana stand out as caring exceptional professionals.
  5. If I did not encounter Retina Research Center I would be legally blind at this point. I was at the edge when I walked in to my first appointment with Dr. Berger. Thanks to the study inclusion, surgery and wonderful care, I have 20/16 vision in my study eye and 20/25 in the fellow eye. They are very very good at what they do and they CARE about the people they treat. None better anywhere.   

Elizabeth Hyde

Diabetic Macular Edema

  1. Please describe:
    • I chose to participate in the retina study because a friend of mine was in a cancer trial at the time, and I thought I should also do my part.
    • The advantages of being in a clinical trial are two-fold: top notch care with the potential of the “secret sauce” and financial compensation. 
    • My personal experience has been fantastic…better and better eyesight is just fantastic.
  2. I finished my 2-year clinical trial, and was offered a chance for 2 more years.  I jumped at it.  Would do more if offered.
  3. There is no feeling of being a guinea pig.  I feel very cared for by an excellent staff, and I feel very lucky to be in the study.
  4. My doctors, my nurses and the entire staff are personable, professional and have changed my life for the better.
  5.  If you have a chance to join a clinical trial at Retina Research Center, do it without hesitation.  It is so worth it.

Weymon Saul

Wet Macular Degeneration

  1. Please describe:
    •  I chose to participate in a trial because my diagnosis was early in the progression of macular degeneration. Several in my family have had macular degeneration. The study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a reservoir with medicine in my eye to dispense the medication slowly without having to get a vaccine in my eye every month. This intrigued me.
    • The advantage were no shots in the eye, no treatment costs, evaluation by physicians each month and a payment each month for my trouble.
    • The disadvantage was that there were frequent visits to the doctor for monitoring of the progress of the disease.
    • My experience has been very positive. My friends and relatives would like to have this type of treatment available.
  2. I am in my second trial now. I would definitely participate in another study, if available.
  3. I do not recall having a stigma attached. As I indicated above, my friends and relatives would like the treatment to be available to them.
  4.  The doctors and staff at Retina Research Center have been great; always on time for appointments, courteous friendly and very competent.
  5. The new facilities are great; spacious and well organized.

Robert Little

Robert Little

Diabetic Macular Edema

  1. Please describe:
    • My decision to be part of the study came down to three primary factors.
    • Because it was a late stage trial, I felt confident that the treatment would be effective.
    • Because of the frequent visits, I knew that there would be ongoing quality care – probably more continuous than if I was trying to manage this myself with another medical provider.
    • Care and treatment at no cost! In a heartbeat.
  2. The three factors above (effective treatment, continuous care and zero cost) all proved themselves to be true. But another advantage that really didn’t occur to me until the trial was well underway was that not only was my study eye treated but the non-study eye was monitored and treatment provided as needed. This has been a welcome and unforeseen benefit of participation in the study.
  3. Participants need to be prepared for the duration of the study. Monthly visits can be difficult to manage if the patient has an active schedule. However, the team at RRC was always able to accommodate the vagaries of my work related travel needs.
  4. Absolutely positive. My vision improvement has been dramatic and the care I received has been top notch. I don’t think I could have seen a better outcome in any circumstance.   
  5. I would certainly participate if I felt the treatment would give good results and there would be ongoing care of both the study and non-study eye. I think particularly because this was a late stage trial, I never felt as though there was great risk of unexpected harm or ineffective treatment results. And of course there is the bonus of knowing this will help contribute to better treatments for others.
  6. I really can’t say enough good things about the RRC team. Their primary concern has always been about me as a person and a patient. They are unfailingly kind and gentle and professional.

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